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Aren’t We All Bizzy Bee’s! November 7, 2012

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If you are like most of my friends, you probably thought I dropped off the face of the earth! Fortunately, that is not the case :)

I have been working really hard to start up my new business *drum-roll please!*; Iridessence!  I was not looking to get into debt to start up my business so this has been in the works for a little while now and its finally ready to at least be revealed!

This is one of the many I have created. Each one unique and brings a sense of intimacy and absolute relaxation to any room. <3

Personally, I think these are great for the up and coming Holidays as gifts or keep them for yourself! These are great conversational pieces!

As time and the universe permits, I will be able to expand and grow this business to where I really want to see it. Of course the key with any dream is to never set any limitations. That said, I have a general guideline of certain aspects I want in order to remain true to my work and certain check points that I want to accomplish along the way leaving plenty of room for more innovation and creativity!

If you would like to see more, I have a Facebook Page set up where you can view all the different types of creations so far and will be updating with all the newest information!

 Use your phone to scan :D

By the way, If you do happen to drop by the FB page, say Hi! Let me know you found it through this post! That would really make my day! ^.^

On to other news though!

As you may or may not know (either way I will fill you in!), I have been researching and trying to obtain Italian citizenship through my maternal Great Grandfather via jure sanguinis. Which basically means that if I have and ancestor who was born in Italy then I am would be recognized as an Italian citizen and in turn can get my dual citizenship.

Unfortunately for me, in this case, My grandmother was born after he became a naturalized citizen of the good ol’ US of A. The next best option I have available to me would be, since I have an ancestor who was born in Italy and did not renounce his citizenship, I can live in Italy for 3 years to obtain it. Which is sort of good news knowing the normal allotted time for a non-European (such as myself) would have to live there for a minimum of 10 yrs.

Looking forward and getting things accomplished little at a time. It does take patience, but its better this way than not trying to do anything for my dreams!

Much love, everyone and I hope you have a bright day! <3


4 Responses to “Aren’t We All Bizzy Bee’s!”

  1. Angie Says:

    Congratulations!! I found your fb page and will take some more time later to look through it, your creations look beautiful wait for my order :) and please don’t stop blogging :)
    Hope you have a great day !

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