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Cow is Funny September 21, 2012

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My day was interesting to say the least. And when I say interesting I mean full of projects and places and yet my brain was somewhere else entirely. I was in a constant mindset of random thought and I felt as though I were floating through my to-do list of the day (which was not as easy as it sounds, ie; having walked throughout all of Super Wal-mart for over an hour and checking out with, literally, only container of hand soap). Needless to say all my errands were roughly the same and even trying to get from one location to the next – pure confusion.

Yes. It is a funny cow.

Spite my zombie state of mind, I still managed to do everything I wanted to do today. Yay for making it alive! Speaking of which, most of my day revolved around gathering missing pieces in order to finish up on a particular wall mount I have been building (pics to come). Its always a good feeling when I am this close to finishing a project and haven’t broken it yet :P

My night was wrapped up humbly browsing the inter-webs at the Panera Bread in my area, and having a simple You-Pick-Two. As I sat there soaking in the sounds of lively chitter-chatter amongst other people, I finally took a deep inhale and exhale releasing all the ciaos that surrounded my day replacing it with a sense of accomplishment and resolve…

Panera Bread

Well, that about wraps up my evening. Another day another….Dollar? Wrong saying for the intended purpose, but, for lack of a better statement, that’ll do. ;)

Have a good day/night and think brighter!


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